• High quality finish
  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient Service
  • Any Factory colour matched
  • Insurance approved

At Andrew Morris Cars Ltd we provide high quality repairs to minor paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs, alloy wheels and dents to your vehicle body work.

Andrew Morris Cars Ltd is a non-fault accident management service, providing a first class, hassle free way to getting back on track after your accident.

If you’ve had an accident which wasn’t your fault, then one call to Andrew Morris Cars Ltd can solve everything.

The Accident Was NOT MY FAULT!

The other party wants to pay cash

We hear this statement every day of the week, Although this sounds the ideal route, it very rarely works out in practice. Motor accident repairs can be a costly business and it is very difficult to determine the exact costs of repairs at the outset as further damage may be found during the repair process involving more labour and parts.

We will gladly provide you with an estimate to repair the damage, but before we proceed with the repairs it is very important that we obtain accurate parts’ prices and explain how the estimate is built up. Also, before the repairs begin, please ensure that you have the cleared funds from the others party. Our staff can advice you on this.

Let AMC claim from party's insurance

Once we have at the other party’s details and liability is established, we can make the necessary arrangements to deal with their insurance company directly.

This is the preferred route in most cases as it brings many benefits:

  • No impact upon your own policy, your non-claims bonus is unaffected.
  • No insurance excess to pay.
  • Suitable replacement vehicle whilst yours is being repaired.
  • No risk.

We will be able to arrange a replacement vehicle for you and, in certain circumstances on a like-for-like basis.

This is undoubtedly the most effective solution in the vast majority of claims. With the change in attitudes over the past years, coupled with our specialist knowledge and insurance contacts, we can ensure the whole process runs smoothly.


Under the terms of most insurance policies, only one repair estimate is required. Some insurers may ask you to obtain more than one estimate, BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. If you are asked to obtain more than one estimate, you may wish to remind your insurer or broker that you do not want to be put to the inconvenience of having to obtain alternative estimates.

Insurance Excess

When you bought your motor policy you may have agreed with your insurer to pay ‘EXCESS’ in order to reduce the cost of the premium, or because of your driving record. ‘EXCESS’ therefore applies to that part of the claim for which you are uninsured and is payable to us on collection of your vehicle. The final account to the insurer is reduced by the appropriated amount, but you may be able to recover the ‘EXCESS’ equivalent from the party responsible for the accident or their insurer.

Collection Note

Most insurers ask for a ‘Collection Note’ to be signed after completion of repairs. This document provided by us for you to sign, is than passed to your insurer in order that the repair account can be processed. Signing a ‘Collection Note’ in no way affects your statutory rights.


In addition to maintaining the vehicle warranty  (where appropriate) we offer a full 36 month guarantee on the repair.

Vehicle anti-perforation warranty

All of our work is guaranteed and complies to motor manufacturers’ specifications. Your warranty is unaffected.


If you or the owner of the vehicle are registered for VAT purposes and the vehicle is used for business purposes, the VAT content of the repair bill must be paid by you, not your insurer, when you collect your vehicle.

The VAT can then be set against your output tax and recovered in the normal way through your VAT return. If you are not registered for VAT or if the vehicle is not used for business, your insurer will accept responsibility for the full amount, less any contributions such as ‘excess’ and ‘betterment’.


The role of Andrew Morris Cars Ltd is to guide you through the potential minefield, our complete after accident care includes:

  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Repairs to your vehicle
  • No claims bonus protection
  • No excess to pay
  • Prestige & commercial vehicles

What We Offer

  • ALL MOT Work Undertaken
  • Head gaskets from £100
  • Full Engine Rebuilds from £150
  • Clutch and Flywheels fitted from £125
  • Diagnostics Checks from only £20.00
  • Welding

What Makes AMC  your Right Choice?

  1. Quality Service you can trust.
  2. Nationwide Warranties.
  3. Excellent Value.
  4. Wide Range of Cars to suit all needs.


Scratches Repaired for as little as

£ 53.00

Alloys Refurbished from

£ 30.00

Bodyshop Repairs from

£ 25.00

Recovery Service from

£ 30.00

Servicing from as little as

£ 30.00

ECU Diagnostics from

£ 30.00